What are Jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs are trousers that have a tight fit around the leg and boot tops. They were originally used as an alternative to breeches by cavalry officers, but today they are more commonly worn in equestrian sports such as polo and show jumping. Jodhpurs can be made of wool or cotton, with some being waterproof for riding in wet conditions. The word “jodhpur” is derived from the Hindi word meaning “strong.”

For generations, the jodhpurs were considered a basic requirement for any aspiring equestrian. Jodhpurs are characterized by their snug fit around the knee and flared hips which allow riders to move freely while riding with ease on long rides without being constricted in uncomfortable clothing. The traditional color of these pants has been white or cream but many manufacturers now offer different colors such as navy blue or black too!

A pair of jodhpur is characterized by its snug fitting just below your knees so you can comfortably wear boots like what people who ride horses would use called “jods”. They also have flaring hip area that allows full mobility when horseback-riding; this design makes it possible for you to enjoy longer rides without being constricted in uncomfortable clothing.

Jodhpurs are a type of pants that have been specially designed for horse riding. They often come with features such as reinforced seats to reduce saddle wear, and knees which give riders the grip they need on their horses’ backs without tearing or stretching out easily like regular pants would do in this case.

Jodhpurs are made of a heavier fabric than regular pants, so riders can feel less restrictive in them. These pants also have reinforcements on the inside to keep from sagging when riding and seams that run outside for increased comfort while sitting in a saddle all day long!


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How to wear them properly

If you want to wear jodhpurs, the general rule of thumb is to make sure that the waistband is at or slightly below your natural waist, and that they are not too tight. Jodhpurs should also be long enough to cover your entire ankle, so they should come at least halfway up your calf. While it’s not mandatory, many people choose to wear a belt or suspenders on top of their jodhpurs (especially when riding) in order to support them and prevent sagging.

One common error people make when wearing jodhpurs is putting them on without tucking in their shirt so that it sticks out over the waistband. This may look silly from an aesthetic standpoint and it is also more likely to lead to chafing and friction down there.

Also, remember that jodhpurs are supposed to be tight around the leg and boot top, so don’t size up! If you go too big they’ll bag out over your ankles which will look sloppy and feel uncomfortable. The opposite problem may happen if you purchase a pair of jodhpur boots with an overly narrow fit; in this case it may be best for them not to touch at all (or very minimally) when standing straight because otherwise you might end up crushing your toes on impact while riding or even breaking them from the pressure on your feet as they’re walking around between classes.

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