What are Preshrunk Garments?

Shopping is a hassle, we all know that. Finding clothes which fit well, meet our style needs and are affordable can be challenging. Luckily for you there’s an easy solution to this problem: preshrunk garments! But what are they exactly? And why should you care about them? In today’s blog post we’re going to answer these questions and more so you can have the best shopping experience possible!

What Are Preshrunk Garments?

Preshrunk garments are clothes that have been pre-shrunk so they will not shrink as much when you wash them. They are typically made from synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, which retain their shape and size better than cotton. You may also see preshrunk garments called “permanent press” or “wrinkle-free.”

These terms are often used interchangeably with preshrunk, but in reality they’re slightly different. Preshrunk garments is a more specific term for clothes that have either been pretreated with fabric softener to make them less likely to wrinkle, or have been treated with resins and other chemicals to minimize the amount of shrinking that occurs during the manufacturing process.

Because you want to buy a size that will still fit after washing, it’s important to know about preshrunk fabric. This means the fabric is first washed and then forced together in compaction so they’re closer than usual before drying out again at home. It doesn’t mean the garment won’t shrink anymore since there are always some fibers left loose from being pushed too close together during production but your clothes should stay looking like new for much longer with early washings than if they weren’t pre-shrunken.

Cotton garments can shrink as they dry, so it’s important to buy clothes that are a little bit large for your measurements. Cotton pants especially will gradually get shorter with time and wear–they’re not preshrunk! If you like wearing cotton shirts or flannel pajamas/nightgowns, make sure the size is right before washing them- overwashing could be bad news if too small becomes tiny.

Losing shape after washing is a common problem but there are ways of fixing this issue such as using polyester mixed with cotton. It will usually help retain its size during the wash cycle because polyester holds form better than natural fiber does (which stretches out). The disadvantage? Polyesters sometimes aren’t as comfortable or flavorful due to an inability for air flow unlike other materials; however if you want your shirt sleeve length to be the same all throughout, this could work for you.

Why Are Preshrunk Garments Important?

Preshrunk garments are important because they make clothes last longer and fit better. They’re also a good choice if you want to buy clothes online and have a hard time figuring out what size to get.

Specialty retailers often offer preshrunk garments, but it’s also possible to find them at many department stores too – just look for the words “permanent press” or “wrinkle-free.”

The only problem with preshrunk garments is that they don’t always come in all the colors and patterns that we want. So while preshrunk garments make our lives easier, we still can’t sacrifice style!

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