What are Sequins?

Sequins are underrated accessories that can make any outfit stand out. These shiny little pieces of plastic, metal or glass are always a popular choice for dance costumes and ball gowns but there is a lot more you can do with them! You can wear them as a necklace, use them as decoration on your cake, or even cover up the cracks in your walls. There are endless possibilities to play around with these versatile little gems. Why not try something new today?

Don’t let the small size fool you – these little shiny bits of plastic can make a big impact. You can use them as accessories, decoration or even to cover up cracks in the walls!

So why not give it a try? It doesn’t matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing, a few strategically placed sequins will definitely brighten it up! Let’s look at some examples:

In dance costumes, sequins are used because they create a visual effect that makes the dancer look like she is glowing from within whenever the light hits her costume just right. Other times, especially if an outfit calls for more than one color, dancers might want to stick with just white since the costumers usually pick out specific colors for each individual. Otherwise, if the dancer picks out her own colors and finishes them off with a few sequins on top, she can get creative with what she wears.

Verdusa Women's Above Knee Sequin Sparkle Mini Skirt
Verdusa Women’s Above Knee Sequin Sparkle Mini Skirt

For dresses, sequins are popular for two reasons: they either enhance an existing color of the dress or add sparkle to something that’s more simple in design. It is possible to go overboard and wear so many pieces of sequined clothing at once that it becomes too busy and detracts from the outfit itself rather than enhancing it, but depending on how you layer your clothes, it’s also possible to wear just a little bit without making it look tacky.

Accessories such as hats and shoes can get away with wearing sequins because their purpose is to only cover a limited area. For example, you wouldn’t want all of your shoes to be covered in sequins because it would look too busy and detract from the outfit itself rather than enhancing it. However, if you can find just one shoe that looks plain on its own but not so much with the rest of the outfit, adding some sequins might help bring everything together. The same goes for hats – they are often worn during formal occasions like dances or weddings, where costumes need to coordinate with each other without being too bulky or complicated to move around in.

For dance performances, there is an entire category dedicated to sparkling costumes called ‘sparklettes’ (an even more streamlined version of what ballerinas wear). Those costumes tend to be very sparkly because there is a lot of fast-paced dancing and running around that leaves the dancers out of breath. They also require quick costume changes, so it’s impossible for them to wear heavy fabrics like velvet or silk which would weigh them down and make their bodies overheat. Because of this, sequins are perfect for sparkling costumes since they shed light rather than absorb it – the same way fireworks do!

For cakes, adding sequins to your icing can add some extra shine and help the decorations stick better. This tip is especially useful if you want to use different kinds of decorations such as sprinkles or even gum drops that might not stay in place by themselves. You could either dye your frosting with food coloring or add in some edible glitter for an extra colorful touch.

There are also examples where sequins are used to cover up cracks on walls, replace broken tiles and even fix the wheels on your bike! If you have something that’s broken but can’t afford to replace it just yet, covering it with sequins might be a good temporary solution until you have enough money for something new. Just remember to keep safety in mind – if it looks too heavy, don’t try adding any more pieces because this could cause the object to fall. It’s often better to repair things than to replace them altogether!

With so many different ways of using them, there is no reason why sequins shouldn’t be part of everyone’s daily life. They can be used as decorations, enhancements and even to help make things look better than they actually are! Be sure to keep some in stock for those moments when you need a quick boost of creativity.

What other uses do sequins have? How would you use them?

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