What is a Cowl Neck?

A cowl neck is a rounded, deep neckline shaped like the letter U. It is often wider than a V-neck and its shaping typically falls at or below the bust. The term “Cowl Neck” can be confusing because in knitting it refers to a different type of garment altogether! A cowl neck in knitting is when you knit in such a way that creates this U-shape.

A cowl neck is a popular style for both men and women. The unstructured, floppy turtleneck design drapes below one’s collarbone – it can be found on sweaters knitted from wool or cashmere fibers as well as synthetics such like acrylic!

The cowl neck is typically found on sweaters knitted from wool, cashmere or angora. These types of fabrics give off a more luxurious feel than synthetics such as acrylic and provide extra warmth since it covers most of your skin when compared to other styles like crew necks which only cover about halfway up towards the jawline.

Often, structured garments are made with cowl necks because they can minimize figure flaws and be worn in different ways. For example, women who have shorter torsos or fuller figures may want to wear the garment pulled up higher on their necks for a longer torso, while those with longer torsos might choose to pull it lower for more coverage.

Cowl necklines are common on long sweater tunics. A cowl is also referred to as batwing or funnel necklines.

Cowls can also come in many fabrics such as knits, wovens, lace, chiffon and satin. Knit cowls can be reversible looking like this one here . It’s perfect over any outfit! Knit fabric is generally soft, lightweight and great for all seasons.

Cowls are often used in the colder months under a coat or jacket. Take this one here that’s made of crepe , it’s perfect with slim pants or jeans . The silhouette looks sleek on any body type because of its clean lines.

Although cowl necks can be flattering to most types of figures, they may not work well with every face shape. Cowls elongate the neck and face which might not look best on round or shorter faces. This one here would probably work better with someone who has a longer face because it covers up their jaw line and chin area while still making their face look longer due to the slightly dropped shoulder seam.

Just like there are many types of cowls, there are also different ways to style a cowl neck. A cowl can be pulled up and worn as a hood or they can be wrapped around the body like a snood . If you choose to pull it up as a hood, make sure you have enough fabric for your arms to run through comfortably. This one here would work really well as a coat hood.

Wrapped around the body as a snood is another great way to wear one. It’s perfect for keeping warm during cold weather because it covers the face and neck area while creating warmth by trapping heat in between the layers of fabric. A few more examples of how an infinity scarf could be worn…

The possibilities really are endless! For example, you can wear a cowl as a scarf draped around your neck or as a dress worn high or low on your waist. You can also belt it for a different look! Or even roll the sleeves up and run through out the day looking effortlessly chic.

But if none of those options sound like something you would ever do… at least now you know what to call that type of neckline. A cowl neck just might be your next top’s best friend!

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