What are Spats?

Spats are a type of shoe covering that may be used for ornamental or safety purposes. They can also be worn to advertise safety while doing hazardous tasks. In the 19th century, this shoe accessory became popular among men’s formal attire. The typical pair of spats includes a loop that goes under the foot and then an ankle-length or longer piece of cloth (of various types) that wraps around the ankle. Typically, it is fastened with buttons, with the buttons usually on the outside of each foot.

Spats are used in a variety of military dress uniforms. The fabric piece may be quite long, reaching just below the knee in certain cases, such as the current Indian Army. Tucked into the spats are worn pants. This shoe ornament is more often seen above the ankle, with pants worn outside of them instead of tucked inside. You’ll also see it on many marching bands.

In the workplace, spats may be used for a variety of things. To avoid burns, individuals who work with molten lead, which are extremely hot, may utilize them. Others that use chainsaws can protect their feet by wearing these during working. They’re also used for various sports, including fencing and rowing. They’re also known as spatters, an old method of protection against ankle injury in which the ankles are taped (which is referred to as stapering). The majority of the types worn for functional reasons are made of semi-rigid leather.

Dress spats are a completely different beast. They can be made of leather, suede, fake leather, or shiny satin. Many manufacturers still make them for both men and women; there is a lot of variety in designs and colors. Dress spats with a high-heeled pump are typical for ladies, and women’s versions may be ankle or nearly knee-length. They may be worn with dress shoes or over tennis shoes for a really distinctive statement.

Spats were worn in the same manner as mortarboards, and they are still popular today. You may find them at men’s shoes on Zappos or Amazon. They’re really inexpensive, starting around $10/pair for high-quality materials like leather and calfskin. In old films and new ones alike, you’ll notice that images of mobsters, particularly those who were active during prohibition, frequently depict them wearing spats.

Example of Spats

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