What is a Cardigan?

A cardigan is a type of sweater that’s usually made from knitted wool or cotton and typically has buttons that allow you to close it up in order to put warmth around your neck and chest during the colder months. The sleeves are not joined at the front but simply stretch down past the elbows for added mobility. You can wear a cardigan as an outer layer over a shirt or blouse, or as an inner layer under a jacket, providing you with all-around protection from the cold weather.

What is a Cardigan?

They’re one of those items which people often have no idea how to pronounce correctly, even though they’re worn by many different people every day across the world.

A cardigan essentially refers to any garment that buttons up, and cardigans were popularized in the Victorian era. More specifically, the name refers to a knitted jacket that opens down the front.

According to one source , “A “cardigan” is any kind of open-fronted sweater or jacket with full-length sleeves and usually a buttoned opening (from neck to hem), worn over a dress or blouse.” So while it’s sometimes pronounced like ‘cardenjean’, it’s also often said ‘car-dee-gan’. If you’re unsure about how to say it correctly when you’re talking to someone, simply listen to how they say it and follow their lead.

As with many fashion trends from centuries ago, Victorian-era cardigans saw a revival during the 1960s, which also signalled a shift in women’s fashion from being worn exclusively by older women into youth culture.

In fact, some people even compare this time period to today – particularly when you look at what young celebrities are wearing on red carpets and award ceremonies, where you’ll often see them in classic 60s style dresses and cardigans.

Today, when it comes to women’s cardigans , you can find styles in many different colors and with many different patterns or designs on them, allowing you to express yourself through your own sense of fashion.

It’s common for people to choose woollen or cotton ones for their warmth factor in the winter months, but also lighter weight jersey versions that are good for wearing indoors when it’s not cold enough for a coat outside.

Men’s cardigan sweaters , too, have been popular since the 1960s – especially during the 70s and 80s. In fact, men wear cardigans so often that they’re sometimes referred to as ‘cardies’ in slang.

Example of a Cardigan

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