What is a Dolman Sleeve?

Dolman sleeves are a very comfortable type of sleeve that falls loosely from the shoulder to the wrist and covers the arm. They can be made out of different fabrics and materials, and worn with anything from a T-shirt to a dress. Dolman sleeves might not be as functional as other types of sleeves, but they’re still very fashionable and you’ll love them!

Dolman sleeves, also known as puffsleeves, are named after Ottoman Sultans who wore them in the nineteenth century. They’re one of the most basic sleeve types in sewing patterns for women’s clothes, particularly casual clothes like T-shirts and dresses. The open ended nature in their design allows people to wear the clothes as they like.

Fashion is constantly changing, and so are the sleeve styles. The dolman sleeve has seen several periods of popularity in recent history: it first became fashionable during early 20th century when they were from Eastern cultures such as India or China; post-depression culture spawned a desire for decadence and elegance which led people to wear this type sleeves like elegant gloves on their arm back then too!

Dolman sleeves are typically only fitted at the top of the sleeve, and fall down loosely to cover the arm. They’re not as tight as bat wings or raglan sleeves (two other types of casual sleeve), which means that dolman sleeves can be worn with sleeveless dresses and still provide coverage for your arms. The loose design also allows people to push up their sleeves if they get too hot. Dolman sleeves also go well with ruffles and other decorative elements around the wrist area, so you could add a few small stiches to give it a bit of embellishment if you wanted to.

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You could wear dolman sleeves with just about anything from T-shirts to dresses, but they’re particularly fashionable for casual dresses with a vintage style. They do have their limitations though, because you wouldn’t typically wear dolman sleeves with short sleeved jackets or strappy tops for example.

Dolman sleeves are typically made out of jersey fabrics that stretch well and fit the design of the sleeve. For thicker materials like wool, you might need to make some adjustments to how it fits on your arm to make sure it won’t be too cold in wintertime.

You might not want to wear clothes with dolman sleeves if you work in an office environment or school where formal dress is required – this is especially true if your workplace requires people to wear long sleeved shirts and pantsskirt combos. You can wear dolman sleeves underneath a jacket or sweater to change the look, but if you’re just wearing it on its own then people might judge you for your choice of clothing.

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