What is a Thermal Shirt?

Thermal shirts are a great way to stay warm during the winter. These special t-shirts have an inner lining of fibers designed to trap heat inside, so you won’t need to wear bulky clothes or thick jackets. They come in many designs and colors and they’re perfect for everyday use as well as sports and outdoor activities!

Unlike other products that claim to keep you warm, thermal shirts actually do their job! This article will tell you everything there is to know about these amazing clothing items, including what makes them work so well, how much time it takes before the shirt starts working (only 2 minutes!), and some tips on how best to care for your new favorite item.

So what is a thermal shirt?

Thermal shirts are t-shirts with an inner lining made up of special fibers, designed to trap body heat inside. These are then layered under other clothing or pieces of outerwear to keep you extra warm during the cold winter months. They’re perfect for everyday use as well as sports and outdoor activities!

You can wear it on its own with jeans, leggings, sweats, etc., but it’s best worn under another piece of clothing because the cotton exterior still makes it easy to move around in despite the heat trapping interior.

These shirts aren’t just for men either! Women love them too, especially when paired with sweaters or. There are even children’s designs so everyone can stay extra warm!

Example of a thermal shirt

Indera Men’s Traditional Long Johns Thermal Underwear Top

Indera Men's Traditional Long Johns Thermal Underwear Top
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For centuries, men have battled the cold wearing long johns that are traditionally made of cotton. Because our new Indera Men’s Traditional Long Johns Thermal Underwear Top is waffle knit and made of 65% cotton, these underwear top will offer fantastic comfort. The rib cuffs will provide added protection from the cold by minimizing drafts. We expect this product to be rated for very cold weather up to medium activity level so you can enjoy them all-year round!

How do they work?

Thermal shirts have a special design that makes them unique from other clothing. The fibers in the inner lining are knitted to look like a honeycomb, which is why these types of shirts are known as honeycomb shirts.

This structure allows the shirt to trap air and keep it close to your body, instead of letting it escape through loose fabric.

The trapped air becomes warmed by your own heat and soon you become very comfortable despite being outside in the cold! Once you take off the outer layer, the effects immediately fade away though because there’s no way for all that warmth inside to escape through thin cotton exterior fabric.

Fortunately thermal wear is breathable enough that even after wearing it for an extended period of time you won’t feel very sweaty!

How do I take care of my thermal shirt?

Taking care of your thermal shirt is actually pretty easy. It needs to be washed just like any other t-shirt, so be sure to check the label instructions before throwing it in with your laundry.

As long as you follow the instructions on there, this shirt should last you years and still work well even after multiple washes.

Don’t dry the shirt in a hot dryer though because that will ruin its effectiveness and make it lose all its heat trapping fibers. Instead, hang it up to dry and only put it in the hot dryer if absolutely necessary (if you got something else stuck to it or something like that).

You should take extra good care of your new thermal shirt because it’s such a helpful and useful product. Try not to get anything stuck on the honeycomb fabric because this will hurt its ability to trap heat, and make sure you aren’t wearing any lotion/perfume when you wear it (the chemicals can damage the fibers in the shirt).


Thermal shirts actually do their job very well! They’re perfect for everyday use as well as sports and outdoor activities. You don’t even need to wear thick bulky clothes with these underneath. That means less layers and more comfort when you go outside during wintertime. There are even children’s sizes available so everyone can stay extra warm!

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