Why You Should Wear Thermals in Winter

Warm and cozy thermals are a winter wardrobe staple. They help to keep you warm and they also help avoid the dreaded cold sore which can ruin your day! Thermals come in many different colors and fabrics so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. In winter, it’s important for your entire body to be as warm as possible-thermals can help you accomplish this.

Why Thermals are Essential?

When exposed to cold temperatures, the body begins to cool itself. This cooling process causes blood vessels near the surface of your skin to constrict which reduces blood flow to these areas-this also reduces overall bodily circulation.

Losing this much blood flow makes you feel very cold and can even cause hypothermia so it’s important for us humans to try and retain as much body warmth as possible.

Even though we feel like shedding our clothes when exposed to winter weather, wearing more layers is actually one of the best ways to stay warm.

Despite that you start feeling colder when you wear multiple layers because you’re exposed to greater cold temps for longer periods of time, your body actually retains more heat than if you had worn fewer layers.

Benefits of Wearing Thermals


Thermals are made of special materials which make them very warm. They can even keep you warm when it is very cold outside! Thermals help to retain heat and keep your body comfortable in the winter weather. If you’re ever stuck outside and need to get home fast, a thermal will play a major role in keeping you warm!

Less Risk of Colds Sores

Strong wind or an accident with some ice can be all it takes for you to get a cold sore this winter. This is because our bodies become more susceptible to skin wounds during colder months due to chapping and cracking of skin which exposes the body to germs. Wearing thermals underneath your clothes avoid this by creating a barrier between the skin and harsh outside elements.

Thermal Fabrics

The type of fabric used in thermal wear can vary greatly depending on their use and customer preference. Polypropylene is one popular material; it’s light, thin, and warm! Depending on your preferences or needs you should choose a thermal that best suits you. Some thermals are also made with spandex which allows them to stretch and fit more snugly against your body.

Still Not Convinced?

Have we convinced you yet? If not we’ll keep going! Thermals aren’t just for winter- they can be worn all year round! Does that mean if you want to save some money instead of buying multiple layers all year long why not try one thermal? You might be surprised at how warm some of them can be even if it’s not winter!

After Thoughts

Thermals are a great purchase for any season! They help keep you warm, avoid cold sores, and can even extend your wardrobe. Even if it’s not wintertime, thermals are still very functional under your clothes! Since they trap heat inside, they make the perfect base layer anytime throughout the year.

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