What is a Trilby Hat?

A Trilby hat is a narrow-brimmed, soft felt fedora. It can be worn either tipped or straight on the head.

What is a Trilby Hat?

The name of the hat is derived from George Du Maurier’s gothic novel Trilby, in which it was worn by the main character. The hat became associated with the protagonist in an 1895 play based on the book after an actress playing Trilby O’Ferral donned one.

Because it has become associated with bohemian culture, some people consider it to be unflattering or even ridiculous.

The style is believed to have been introduced into France by English butler John Brown. He wore the hat while playing golf with friends, and it later became popular with Parisian dandies who were known as the “Fancy”.

This hat was made from a piece of felt which had three corners: one corner on the left side and two joined together on the right side. It was worn flat or slightly tilted to the back of the head. The Trilby hat is now typically made from wool felt with a fabric band around the base rather than just cut from felt, as in earlier times.

Although this style of hat has become very iconic, it’s seldom found today outside bohemian circles or those who are dressed in Goth or steampunk attire.

Example of a Trilby Hat

Fancet Packable Straw Trilby 

Fancet Packable Straw Fedora Panama Sun Summer Beach Hat Cuban Trilby Men Women 55-64cm
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The Fancet Packable Straw Trilby is a crushable hat that can be folded into your suitcase. It’s made of lightweight materials, so it won’t overheat in hot weather. Plus, the brim can also protect your face from harmful UV rays! This unique hat will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can remove the occasional crease easily with steam iron, and it looks just as good as new every time! With its unique waist band design and short brim straw fedora style, this class fedoras offers an attractive and distinctive style for both men and women. And best of all – it comes at a great price point!

Trilby vs. Fedora: The Difference Between These Hat Styles

Trilby Hats are generally slimmer, have a more narrow brim and are shorter than Fedoras.

Fedoras are typically worn straight on the head, while Trilbys can be worn tipped back or straight on.

Trilbys are also typically shorter than fedoras, which have a more circular crown design. People who wear these hats frequently pair them with casual outfits such as jeans with a dress shirt or top, or with business attire.

Fedoras typically have a brim that ranges anywhere between two and four inches long and they come in more of an oval crown shape. They can be made out of either straw or felt material, which is often sheepskin (but not always).

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