What is Inverted Pleat?

Inverted pleats are a type of pleat that is sewn inside out. They create a smooth, flat surface on the front side of the fabric and can be used to make skirts, pants, or other garments. The most common way to sew an inverted pleat is by folding it back onto itself so that one edge will overlap with and cover the raw edge of another piece of fabric. This process creates two layers: one layer on top which has been folded over itself while another layer below remains unfolded.

Many people confuse inverted pleats with box pleats because they look very similar when viewed from the wrong side – but there are some important differences between them!

A clever and unique trend in clothes, the inverted pleat is a way to make your outfit stand out. With this trendy design, you can wear any fabric or color without worrying about it unravelling at the bottom of your shirt!

When it comes to pleats, there are two folds. The first fold is the backside of a pleat and appears bulky while the second fold that you see on top actually has an even edge from front to back which will become your new favorite detail in any outfit! The upper fold hides beneath while underneath, a crease forms when fabric folds onto itself forming two loops that are pressed into place with stitches to become an underfold.

Inverted pleats can be sewn horizontally along the top edge of fabric, often finishing with a contrasting piece. The rest falls open at the bottom while hidden stitches hold it in place front and back

The inverted pleat is a clever way to drape clothing and give it movement without adding bulk. This technique can be used on skirts, jackets, or any other garment that you are looking for more flexibility in the design of.

The inverted pleat is an elegant and simple drapery technique, but advanced sewing skills are not necessary to complete the project. A good reference book will provide a step-by-step guide for beginners with pictures or videos if needed. When deciding on measurements, remember that holding lengths of fabric into several pleats against your space can help determine what length works best in it before you choose how many inches long each should be – this method offers peace of mind while making sure things look just right!


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