What is a Merry Widow?

A merry widow is an undergarment that has its origins in the late 19th century. It was designed to give women back control over their clothing and make them feel more secure when they were wearing a corset.

The design of this garment is very similar to a girdle, but it does not have any boning or lining. One of the key differences between a merry widow and a girdle is that merry widows often come with garters on the side for attaching stockings; while most girdles do not include these features because they are typically worn without hose.

A merry widow is not designed to be as tight-fitting and restrictive as a corset, but it still provides the same support! The garment is cute, sexy and functional. It starts at the chest and ends just above your hips with in half cups to support those extra large breasts of yours. The long garter straps make it easy for you wear all sorts of different hosiery underneath as well!

Women everywhere have long-admired and coveted the merry widow. There are many different styles, from lace to satin or a cotton blend, but what all of them share in common is their signature sensuous shape that hugs every curve for an undeniably feminine silhouette.

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The Merry Widow has been around since 1952 when it was created by Maidenform as part of Lana Turner’s role in its namesake movie The Merry Widow which means there isn’t just one type you can choose – instead they come with various types like: Lace; Satin/Silk; Cotton Blend materials so women will always find something perfect for their body type!

The merry widow is a classic piece of clothing that has been around for centuries. Its design features contrasting panels in different fabrics and colors, so it looks rich even when made from relatively inexpensive materials. The commercial versions are often not as impressive because they use one solid fabric print which becomes boring after a while; this means the more expensive ones look much better now than ever before!

The Turner’s Merry Widow was originally designed with alternating colored panels to make an eye-catching dress out of cheaper material like lace or brocade silk, depending on what type people were looking for at the time. But nowadays there are many beautiful designs available – some being very pricey but worth every penny if you’re aiming for something classy and high quality.

Merry widows are like other foundation garments in that it is very important to try them on before buying. However, they can be sized by bra size and the garment cannot fit as adjustable so women should get one which feels comfortable when trying it on for the first time.

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